Pre-Account Takeover using OAuth Misconfiguration

Hello guys,

Today I am going to share one of my interesting findings on the private program of Bugcrowd. Since this is on a private program so I will be using as the website name.

Let’s get started. Only 2 subdomains of the private program is in scope. I picked one of the subdomain and there is a registration page to create a new account. There is an option that you can also signup using OAuth. So, I created one account using Google OAuth. After that, I explored the website a bit and look for functionality. I thought let’s try for some OAuth Misconfiguration related issues and testing for OAuth related bug is my favorite one. So I started looking for some OAuth Misconfig. I tried CSRF on linking/unlinking Google OAuth, unvalidated redirect after signup with OAuth, and some more known issues. There is a state parameter all over so csrf is not possible, I tried to bypass it but no luck.

I was thinking of what more can be done using OAuth. There is a change email functionality on the profile setting. So, I changed my OAuth email let’s say to It says if I change email, I am not able to login using Google OAuth.

I proceed with the Unlink option and the email changed successfully without verification of the new email. This time, I logged in again in my account using the email-password method. After a bit of thinking, I tried to log in using old Google OAuth(Already Unlinked) and I am successfully logged in to my old account. It’s like I Unlinked my login with Google OAuth but still able to log in using the OAuth method even after unlinking. So, here I got that there is Misconfiguration on OAuth. Since there is no verification of email after email change so I can use any other people’s email. To show an impact to the company there is an attack scenario :

  1. Attacker creates an account on using OAuth.

That’s all about the bug.

This bug is not having so much severity but still, some companies paid well.

Some companies paid nothing.

I hope you learned something new from this blog. I will write more of my findings soon so, stay tuned for my next write-up.

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