How Automation Detected Default Admin Credential Worth $500

3 min readFeb 23, 2024


Hello hackers, I am back with a new bug bounty write-up. In this blog, I am going to show how my automation discovered default admin credentials in the company’s internal IT portal — Sapphire IMS. The company has a bug bounty program on Hackerone. I will be using as the main domain.

* is in the scope. As usual, I started with subdomain enumeration and found approximately 70 subdomains out of which only 30 are reachable. I already spent a few days on this program and submitted a few IDOR and access control bugs on the main domain.

There are 10 subdomains that are not reachable, but their names are,, etc. It seems that there is some internal portal running on them, and I assume that access to the portal is limited to VPN/Office IPs.

I assumed below test cases for all the internal portal:

  1. The portal is unauthenticated
  2. The portal is authenticated
  3. The portal may have a default login credential

Based on that, I assume that there is a possibility in the future that, by mistake, all the portals will be made public by the developer. Relying on my prediction, I added these subdomains to my automation. My automation runs every 10 minutes. I use some community-created and some custom nuclei templates to automatically scan the subdomains for default credentials. I will get a Slack alert if the portal is publicly accessible and has default login credentials.

After 3 Months, I receive a slack alert

And yeah, my prediction was correct. The developer did make a mistake and made all the portals publicly accessible. Among them, one subdomain,, is running the IT portal Sapphire IMS and has default admin login credentials.

I manually re-verified the default admin credentials, and I successfully logged into the portal as an admin. I quickly reported this issue to the security team through Hackerone. The Company fixed the issue and rewarded a bounty of $500.

Do check out Nuclei. If you don’t know about it then you are missing something fantastic.


September 07, 2023 — Reported

September 07, 2023 — Fixed

October 11, 2023 — $500 Bounty awarded.

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